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Departure and Arrival Procedures

Pudong International Airport

1. International departure procedure
Checkin - Luggage Delivery - Getting Boarding Card - Quarantine - Customs - Immigration - Security Check - Waiting and Boarding
2. International Arrival Procedure
Quarantine - Immigration - Luggage Reclaim - Customs - Enter greeting hall
3. Domestic departure procedure
Checkin - Luggage Delivery - Getting Boarding Card - Security Check - Waiting and Boarding.
4. Domestic Arrival procedure
Reclaim Luggage - Enter Greeting Hall

Hongqiao International Airport

1. Domestic departure procedure
Checkin - Luggage Delivery - Getting Boarding Card - Security Check - Waiting and Boarding.
2. Domestic Arrival procedure
Luggage Reclaim - Enter Greeting Hall

Reconfirm Your Tickets

Passengers having reserved seats on connecting or return nights should reconfirm their reservations if they stay in the departing place for more than 72 hours. Reservations without reconfirmation will be automatically cancelled.

Validity Period of Tickets

Tickets (excluding special price & discount tickets) are valid for one year.

Free Delivery Baggage

Free baggage allowance for first-class passengers is 40kg, allowance for business-class passengers is 30 kg, allowance for economy-class is 20 kg. Infants holding 90% discount tickets are not entitled to free baggage services.

Hand-carry Articles

First-class passengers may carry two pieces of articles. Business-class or economy-class passengers may carry one piece of article. The volume & weight of either one or two pieces should not exceed 20×40×55cm or 5 kg.


To make it convenient for passengers to go through customs during arrival and departure, we have set up the Red Channel and Green Channel examination systems. Passengers (with the exception of those holding diplomatic passports or having Customs exemption), please fill in the "Passengers Baggage Declaration Form" while you are on board.

For Incoming Passengers
I. Entering Passengers, under the following circumstances, must declare, choose the channel marked "GOODS TO DECLARE(RED CHANNEL):
    1.Having dutiable articles or duty free articles under items II, III, IV of Classification for Entering/Departing passengers'
        Baggage within the limitation of quantity set by the Customs {except duty free tobacco & alcoholic drinks}.
    2.Non-residents or residents with re-entry visa issued by foreign country having trip necessities exceed the limitation as set by
        the Customs: camera, portable tap-recorder, mini-movie camera, portable video-recorder, Lap-top word-processor, one
        iece for each item.
     3.Having more than RMB 6,000 yuan in cash, or gold, silver and their ornaments weighing over 50g.
     4.Passengers having more than $5,000{US or foreign equivalent} in cash.
     5.Having commercial cargoes, samples or articles other than personal baggage.
     6.Having animals or plants and products and other articles controlled by China Quarantine Law.
lI. Passengers who are not clear about the Customs regulations or do not know how to select the proper channel shall choose "GOODS TO DECLARE "{RED CHANNEL};
III. Other departing passengers not listed under articles I, II may choose the channel marked "NOTHING TO DECLARE "{GREEN CHANNEL} without declaring to the customs.
For Outgoing Passengers
I. Departing passengers, under the following circumstances, must declare, choose the channel marked "GOODS TO DECLARE "(RED CHANNEL):
     1. Having the following trip necessities for re-importation: Camera, portable tape recorder, mini-movie camera, portable video-
         recorder, portable word-processor, etc.
     2.Failing re-exportation of specified articles, or completion of Customs clearance procedures for temporarily imported duty-
        free articles.
     3. Carrying foreign currencies, gold, silver and ornaments thereof over the declared quantities or having no export license of
        certificates therefore.
     4.Carrying more than RMB 6,000 yuan in cash.
     5. Carrying culture relics.
     6,Carrying goods of commercial value and samples.
     7.Carrying articles exceeding the limited value and quantity, or other limitations as set by the Customs.
     8. Having animals or plants and products thereof under the control of China Quarantine Law, and other articles subject to
         custom formalities.
II. Passengers who are not clear about the Customs regulations or do not know how to select the proper channel shall choose "GOODS TO DECLARE" (RED CHANNEL):
III Other departing passengers not listed under article l, lI may choose the channel marked "NOTHING TO DECIARE "(GREEN CHANNEL) without declaring to the customs.

Inspection and Quarantine Information for Entry into China

1.Passengers entering into China should abide by relevant Chinese Inspection and Quarantine laws and regulations and fill in the Quarantine Declaration Form on Entry as required by the inspection and quarantine authorities;
2.Passengers coming from areas infected by Yellow Fever must present a valid vaccination certificate to the inspection and quarantine authorities;
3. Passengers suffering from fever, diarrhea, AIDS/HIV infection, venereal disease, psychosis or open pulmonary tuberculosis are required to declare.

Objects prohibited from being carried into China

1.Human blood and the products thereof;
2.Fruits, peppers, eggplant and tomatoes.
3.Animal carcasses and specimens;
5.Pathogenic micro-organisms of animals and plants, pests and other harmful organisms;
6.Live animals (except cats and dogs as pet) and genetic materials including semen, zygotes and embryos;
7.Eggs, raw hides and skin, hair, hoofs, fat or oil, animal meat (including viscera) and its products, fresh milk, cheese, butter, cream, whey powder, silkworm chrysalis, silkworm eggs, animal blood and its products, and aquatic animal products;
8.Genetically Modified Organisms;
9.Waste and used clothes.

If you carry any of the above-mentioned objects, please hand them over to the inspecting and quarantine officials or dispose of them into the quarantine bin.

Objects allowed entry subject to mandatory declaration

1.Seeds, nursery stocks and other propagation materials, tobacco |eaves, cereals, and beans. All these require pre-entry quarantine permit;
2. Fresh flowers, cut flowers and dry flowers;
3. Plant samples, exhibits and specimens;
4. Nuts, dried vegetables, pickled vegetables and frozen vegetables;
5. Bamboo, rattan, willow, straw and wooden handcrafts;
6. Pets including cats and dogs.

Each passenger is allowed to carry only one pet, bearing rabies vaccination certificate and health certificate issued by the competent quarantine authorities of the departing country or region. Pets are required to be quarantined in the designated area by the quarantine authorities for 30 days upon entry.

7. Human blood and its products, micro-organism, human tissues and bio-products. All these require special permit-
if you carry any of the above--mentioned objects, please declare to the inspection and quarantine authorities and be ready for quarantine.


For entry 

Overseas visitors must possess valid passports, visas and other valid certificates. (The entry of national having visa agreements with the Chinese Government will be permitted.)
On arrival at a Chinese port, all passengers (overseas visitors and Chinese citizens) should present their valid passports, visas or other valid certificates along with the filled-in entry card to the immigration check post for inspection.
Upon arrival, please get your passport and entry and exit cards ready and go to the inspection hall. When you go through the inspected channel, hand your passport and the entry and exit cards to immigration officials for examination.
You can enter China only after the immigration officials have examined your passport and entry exit cards, affixed the approved entry seal upon your passport and taken the entry card from you.

For exit from China

Visitors should present their valid passports or any other certificates to the immigration check post for inspection. Overseas visitors should exit from China within the period designated on the entry visa.

Security Check

Passengers and their baggage (including delivery baggage and carry-on baggage) should be subject to the security check before boarding and loading.
In accordance with the regulations of the Chinese Government, passengers are not allowed to carry dangerous articles, such as inflammables, erosives, poisons, radio-active materials, ammunition, firearms or explosives on board. In order to ensure the safety of the passengers and the aircraft, all passengers must pass through the security check. If any one refuses to be inspected, the security department will not allow him or her to board the plane, and any loss or responsibility should be borne by the passenger.
After passing through the security check, passengers then proceed to a special concourse which is controlled by the security personnel. All persons entering the secure concourse must wear the airport pass. The security personnel will routinely examine their passes, and so your cooperation is requested.

Compensation for lost baggage

If passengers' delivered baggage get lost, damaged or partly damaged, the carrier is subject to the compensation liability for it, and the compensation price is no more than $20 per kg, If the lost baggage' value is less than $20 per kg, the compensation price is the real value of the lost baggage.

Carrier's Liability for the Delayed Flights

When the flight is delayed or cancelled because of the carrier's fault, meals and hotel accommodations for the passengers during the delay will be provided free of charge by the carrier.

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