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Shanghai HongQiao International Airport Transport

Transport Location

Airport bus Line

Bus Services of Hongqiao International Airport
Route: Airport Line No.1                    Tel: 8621-68346612
From Hongqiao International Airport  Pudong International Airport
To Pudong International Airport Hongqiao International Airport
Operating Hours 6:00~21:30 7:00~23:00 (flight over)
Interval (Mins.) 15-25
Fare (RMB) 30
Stops none

Route: Airport Special Line                 Tel: 8621-51146541
From Hongqiao  International Airport City Air Terminal (Jingan temple)
To City Air Terminal (Jingan temple) Hongqiao International Airport
Operating Hours 7:50~flight over 6:00~20:00
Interval (Mins.) 15~25
Fare (RMB) 4
Stops none

Route No. 806                                      Tel: 8621-51146541
From Hongqiao  International Airport Lupu Bridge
To Lupu Bridge Hongqiao International Airport
Operating Hours 6:00~22:00 6:00~21:30
Interval (Mins.) 10~15
Fare (RMB) 2-5
Stops Shanghai Zoo, Hongqiao Rd.,  Xu jia Hui, Dapu Bridge, etc.

Route No. 807                                      Tel: 8621-62906338
From Hongqiao  International Airport Qingjian Community
To Qingjian Community Hongqiao International Airport
Operating Hours 6:00~22:00 6:00~21:30
Interval (Mins.) 20
Fare (RMB) 1-2.5
Stops  Shanghai Zoo, Hami Rd., Jinshajiang Rd., Zhenguang Rd., etc.

Route No. 925A                                    Tel: 8621-64204506
From Hongqiao  International Airport People's Square
To People's Square Hongqiao International Airport
Operating Hours 6:40~21:40 6:00~22:00
Interval (Mins.) 10
Fare (RMB) 2-4
Stops  People's Square, Huashan Rd., Hongqiao Development Area, Shanghai Zoo, etc.

Route No. 938                                      Tel: 8621-51146541
From Hongqiao  International Airport Yangjiadu(Pudong)
To Yangjiadu(Pudong) Hongqiao International Airport
Operating Hours 6:00~24:00 6:00~21:30
Interval (Mins.) 8~15
Fare (RMB) 2-7
Stops Shanghai Zoo, Hongmei Rd., Hongxu Rd.,  South Wanping Rd., No.1 YoHan, etc. 

Route No. 941                                      Tel: 8621-52171952
From Hongqiao  International Airport Shanghai Railway Station
To Shanghai Railway Station Hongqiao International Airport
Operating Hours 6:30~21:00 6:00~21:30
Interval (Mins.) 10~12
Fare (RMB) 2-4
Stops Shanghai Zoo, Hongqiao Rd., Shuicheng Rd., Tianshan Rd., Zhongshan Park, Changshou Rd., etc. 

Shanghai Taxi Fee:

Distance rate in Shanghai

  0~3 KM 3~10 KM Above 10 KM
Daytime:(5:00~23:00) RMB 10 RMB 2 / KM RMB 3 / KM
Night:(23:00~5:00) RMB 13 RMB 2.6 / KM RMB 3.9 / KM

* Detention charges : charged as 1 KM per 5 min

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