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Olympic Venues
The Beijing Olympic Games will use 37 venues, among which 31 are located in Beijing, and 6 others in six co-host cities--Qingdao, Hong Kong, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shenyang and Qinhuangdao.
Qingdao will host the sailing events, Hong Kong the equestrian events and other four cities football preliminary.
Of the 31 venues located in can be described as "one centre plus three areas". The centre is the Beijing, 11 will be built from scratch, 11 will be renovated from existing venues and the remaining 9 will be overlays. The distribution of the venues in Beijing Olympic Green and the three areas are the University Area, the Western Community and the Northern Scenic Area.
18 venues will be used for the Beijing Paralympic Games, including 13 new venues, 3 temporary venues and 2 renovated venues. All venues will also be completed by the end of 2007.
The venues of the co-host cities:

National Stadium (NST)

Location: Olympic Green
The National Stadium, which is dubbed "bird's nest" because of the shape of the structure, is the main venue for Beijing Olympic Games. It will host the opening and closing ceremonies, track and field events and football events. The construction started at the end of 2003 and is scheduled to be completed at the end of 2007. Seats: 91,000;
Functions during the Games: Athletics, Football; Opening and closing ceremonies
Post-Games use: The Stadium is to stage sports events at national and international levels, as well as cultural and entertaining activities.

Qingdao International Sailing Centre

Location: City of Qingdao
Use during the Games: Sailing
Category: New competition venue

Hong Kong Equestrian Venues

Location: Hong Kong
Use during the Games: Equestrian
Category: Existing competition venue

Shanghai Stadium

Location: Shanghai
Use during the Games: Football Preliminary
Category: Existing Competition Venue

Qinhuangdao Olympic Sports Center Stadium

Location: Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province
Use during the Games: Football Preliminary
Category: New Competition Venue

Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium

Location: Tianjin
Use during the Games: Football Preliminary
Category: New Competition Venue

Shenyang Wulihe Stadium

Location: Shenyang
Seats: 60,000
Use during the Games: Football Preliminary

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