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Hong Kong International Airport Passengers Guides

Airport Security

Commencing on 3 November 2008, all departing passengers on entering the Departure Immigration Hall are required to have both their boarding pass and travel document ready for inspection by airport security personnel.
Enhanced security measures are also in place at the airport. To avoid unnecessary delays, make sure you do not pack any “restricted articles” in your hand baggage or carry it on person. If in doubt, please review the list of restricted articles.
Dangerous goods, such as flammable liquids, corrosives substances, gas cylinders, are posing a risk to the safety of the aircraft and are not allowed on board, either as checked or hand baggage. Please refer to the list of dangerous goods for general information, or ask your airline for details.
Security controls on the carriage of liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs) in hand baggage by departing passengers are now in force at HKIA. In line with the recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the security restrictions for carriage of LAGs are:
All LAG items carried in hand baggage must be stored in containers of capacity not exceeding 100ml each. Containers larger than 100ml will not be accepted, even if they are partially filled;
Containers must be placed in a transparent re-sealable plastic bag with a capacity of one liter or less, which must close completely;
The plastic bag must be presented separately from other hand baggage for inspection at the security point. Only one transparent plastic bag per passenger is permitted;
Exemptions may be made for medications, baby milk / food and special dietary requirements, subject to verification.
Click here for FAQs or you may find out more details from the leaflet and video.
NOTE: Individual destinations or airlines may have different requirements on the carriage of liquids, aerosols and gels. Please check with your airlines or travel agents in advance.

Visa & Tourist Information

Hong Kong Tourism Board Visitor Information Counters
Visitors to Hong Kong get comprehensive information on the city from a variety of outlets in the Arrivals Hall at Hong Kong International Airport. There are stands displaying a wide variety of literature and with plasma TV showing videos. There are also three Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) Visitor Information Counters in the Arrivals Hall offering colourful and informative brochures.
Visitors can also get information from the HKTB website or by calling the visitor hotline. Visitors are also welcome to visit the HKTB Visitors Information and Services Centres in Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway Bay.

Location Transfer Area E2
Buffer Hall A & B, Terminal 1
Telephone +852 2508 1234 (0900 – 1800 daily)
Service Hours 0700 – 1900
0700 – 2300
Website www.DiscoverHongKong.com

Airport Services/Facilities

Airport ambassador
Airport Ambassadors are stationed at high-traffic locations throughout the terminals to offer immediate assistance to passengers in need. Wearing a welcoming smile and easily recognisable uniform, they are always at your service.
The Airport Ambassador Programme (AAP) is designed to provide the best customer service to passengers and other visitors at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA).
The AAP has enhanced customer service standards at HKIA. It also provides on-the-job training for youths, paving the way towards a fulfilling career. HKIA encourages students and senior citizens to join the programme as volunteers.
Offering a great opportunity to experience the airport and to meet people from all over the world, the AAP has already recruited more than 200 youth, student and senior ambassadors since the launch of programme in 2002.
Airport Ambassadors' duties include:
·Greeting passengers;
·Answering passenger enquiries and giving directions;
·Offering assistance to passengers in need;
·Promoting passenger safety; and
·Assisting at special events.

Airport Ambassadors are committed to:
·Continuously improving customer service of the airport;
·Taking the initiative to assist passengers;
·Welcoming passengers with friendly smiles; and
·Promoting passenger safety.

Joining the AAP
HKIA is constantly expanding the Airport Ambassador team to meet the growth of passenger numbers. If you like meeting people and are enthusiastic about the aviation and/ or tourism industry, please join us!

Basic requirements
·Youth ambassadors
  1.18 - 24 years old
  2.Form 5 or above (Non-degree holders)
  3.For details on recruitment matters, please contact:
Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups – Youth Employment Network
Telephone : +852 3113 7999

·Student ambassadors (voluntary position)
  1.18 - 24 years old
  2.Full-time student
  3.For details on recruitment matters, please contact:
Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups – Youth Exchange Unit
Telephone : +852 2561 6149

·Senior ambassadors (voluntary position)
  1.55 years old or above
  2.Retired people
  3.Physically able to stand for long hours
For details on recruitment matters, please contact:
Hong Kong Young Women's Christian Association
Telephone : +852 3476 1310

Airport Services/Facilities

If you are looking for information on transport in and around Hong Kong, please feel free to contact the appropriate service providers. Their contact details are as follows.

Hong Kong International Airport
Airport Enquiry Hotline +852 2181 8888
Car Parks +852 2286 0163
Airport Express
MTR Corporation Ltd. +852 2881 8888
Bus Services
Citybus Ltd. (City Flyer) +852 2873 0818
Long Win Bus Co Ltd. (Airbus) +852 2261 2791
New Lantao Bus Co (1973) Ltd. +852 2984 9848
Residents' Services
Discovery Bay Transit Services Ltd. +852 2987 0208
Park Island Transport Company Ltd. +852 2946 8888
Intercontinental Hire Cars Ltd. +852 2261 2188
Parklane Limousine Service Ltd. +852 2261 0303
The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation +852 2817 8154 (Hong Kong residents)
  +852 8100 8655 (overseas visitors)
Mainland Coaches
China Travel Service (HK) Ltd. +852 2261 2472
Eternal East Cross-Border Coach Mgt. Ltd. +852 2261 0176
Trans-Island Chinalink +852 2261 0296
SkyLimo (Mainland Limousines)
Trans-Island Limousine Service Ltd. +852 2261 2636
Eternal East Cross-Border Coach Mgt. Ltd. +852 2261 2588
Government Departments
Transport Department +852 2804 2600

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