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GuangZhou BaiYun International Airport

Passengers Guides

Departure Guides

The terminal building of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport boasts a total floor area of over 300,000 square meters, composed of the main building, the connection building, terminal concourses and elevated passages. The terminal building has four floor. The third floor is departure hall, the second floor is arrival interlayer, the first floor is arrival hall, and the minus-one floor can get through to the underground and the park.
The departure hall is on the third floor of the main terminal, with 8 entrances. Taxi and Airport Express buses can stop directly at the door of the departure hall. You may check the check-in and flight information from our Information Display ahead of Gate 4 of departure hall before approaching to the counters.

1. Domestic Departures Hall
There are altogether 6 check-in islands and 144 check-in counters in the domestic departure hall.
Among them are islands C, D, and M for the check-in procedures handled by China Southern Airlines for flights of itself as well as other airlines including Xiamen Airlines (MF) and China Eastern Airlines (MU).
Islands E, K, and L are for the check-in procedures handled by Baiyun International Airport for different airlines, including Air China (CA), Hainan Airlines (HU), Shandong Airlines (SC), Sichuan Airlines (3U) and Shenzhen Airlines (ZH), and some flights of China Eastern Airlines (MU).
Island N, which is right to Gate 16 of the departure hall, is for the ticket desks and service counters of different airlines. Airlines that provide ticket services as well as other services there include China Southern, Air China, China Eastern, Hainan Airlines, Sichuan Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, Shandong Airlines and Shanghai Airlines. They provide services of ticket inquiry on international or domestic flights, reservation, ticket issuing, changes of ticket and seat-reconfirmation for return flight, designated assistance on check-in, as well as reception of irregular flights, etc.

2.International Departures Hall
There are total 4 fully equipped check-in islands and 102 check-in counters located at international departures hall.
The check-in island G and H are dedicated for providing check-in services to passengers whose flight is handled by China Southern Airlines. It includes the fights of China southern Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Asiana Airlines, Japanese Airlines, Thai Airways, Vietnam Airlines, Korea Airlines, Kennya Airlines.
The check-in island F and J are dedicated for providing check-in services to passengers whose flight is handled by Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Company. It includes the fights of Russia Far-east, Batavia, Ethiopian Airlines, Garuda, Air France, Lufthansa, Air Phillipine, Tiger, Orient-Thai, Northwest, Lufthansa Cargo, All Nippon, Air France Cargo, Finnair,
Hongkong Express, Air Macao, UPS.

3.Domestic Boarding Area
Domestic Boarding Area is divided into two parts, Area A and Area B.
Area A is in the east side of the terminal. Passengers who check-in in Islands E, K, and L, or whose check-in procedures are handled by Baiyun International Airport, will board their flights in Area A. Boarding Area A is divided into two Concourses, including East 1 Concourses (for international flights) and East 2 Concourses (for domestic flights). Boarding gates in East 2 Concourses are 15 boarding gates from A17 to A31, with A17 to A20 being Remote-Parking Gates.
Area B is in the west side of the terminal. Passengers who check-in in IslandsC, D, and M, or whose check-in procedures are handled by China Southern Airlines, will board their flights in Area B. Similarly, Boarding Area B is divided into two Concourses, including West 1 Concourses and West 2 Concourses. Boarding gates in West 1 Concourses are 17 boarding gates from B101 to B117, with B101 to B104 being Remote-Parking Gates. Boarding gates in West 2 Concourses are 13 boarding gates from B118 to B131, with B118 to B121 being Remote-Parking Gates.

4.International Boarding Area
All international passengers will board their flights in East 1 Concourses of Area A. Boarding gates in East 1 Concourses are 16 boarding gates from A1 to A16, with A1 to A4 being Remote-Parking Gates.

Domestic Departures Procedures
International Departures Procedures

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