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International Arrival Procedures

Flight Arrival → Health Declaration → Immigration → Baggage Reclaim → Customs, Inspection and Quarantine→ Leaving the airport

1. Flight Arrival
After leaving the plane and entering the airport terminal, arrival passengers should go to 1F for baggage reclaim and there are these procedures to be followed on the way out.

2.Health Declaration
Passengers arriving in Guangzhou by international flights should complete Inspection and Quarantine Procedures and accurately fill in the Quarantine Declaration Form on Entry.
Those coming from areas infected by Yellow Fever must present valid vaccination certificates to the inspection and quarantine authorities.

Foreign citizens must possess valid passport and visas for entering China. Chinese citizens should possess valid passports. On entry arrival, passengers should present their valid passports, visas or other certificates along with the filled-in entry cards to the immigration check post for inspection.
At the International Arrival Hall there is a visa desk for foreign citizens where those who meet related criterions can get visa for entering P.R. China on arrival.

4.Baggage Reclaim
The baggage reclaim hall is on 1F and passengers could find their baggage reclaim unit by checking the flight number showing on the display of baggage reclaim unit.
To prevent false reclaims or reclaim mistakes there are airport staffs at the exits checking baggage tags. The cooperation of passengers will be appreciated.
Passengers with a lot of baggage could choose either to use trolleys free of charge or to order trolley-services with charges.

5.Custorms,Inspection and Quarantine
Passengers with items to declare should take the Red Channel and those without items to declare should take the Green Channel.
Please strictly abide by rules in Notice on Inspection and Quarantine for Entry into China.

6.Leaving the airport
With baggage claimed passengers will be in the arrival hall to meet with there awaiting friends, to inquire about hotel information by the reception/ information counters of hotels, or to exchange money at the banking services. Afterwards passengers could leave the airport by taking Airport Express buses or taxis.
For passengers’ interests it is recommended not to accept services from persons without formal airport-working credentials, and not to take private cars working on their own without operational qualifications issued by the administrations.

Transfer Guide

Domestic Arrival →Transfer Process →Security Checks →Domestic Boarding
1.Domestic Arrival
Passengers will be at the airport terminal by going through the boarding bridge or by taking ferry bus after deplaning.

2.Transfer Process
Passengers entering the airport terminal through boarding bridge should go directly to the transfer counter for the transfer procedures. Passengers from ferry bus should go to the domestic transfer counter for transfer procedures.

3.Security Checks
Passengers who have completed the transfer procedures could go to the security-inspection gate at the middle of the corresponding concourse for the connection flight to have security inspections.

4.Domestic Boarding
Passengers should go directly to the waiting area of continuing flight and wait for boarding. Boarding starts generally 30 minutes ahead of flight take-off. Please pay attention to the related public addressing and flight information displayed.
Passengers should get their boarding card ready while boarding the plane.

Domestic to International Transfer Procedures
International to International Transfer
International to Domestic Transfer Procedures

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