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Chinese Festivals & Holidays
Traditional Chinese Festivals
  During the long and rich history, China, the home land of civilization, cultivated colorful festivals for Chinese people, and also contribute to the human kind culture. Most of the traditional festivals took shape during the Qin Dynasty, the first empery dynasty in the china history. In the most prosperous Tang Dynasty, traditional festival grown into a colorful and prosperous period and more folk customs were developed which still influence today’s Chinese people’s lives.  
Spring Festival Lantern Festival
Qingming Festival Dragon Boat Festival
Double Seventh Festival Mid-Autumn Festival
Double Ninth Festival December Eighth Festival
Winter Solstice Festival  
City Special Festivals
Shanghai international tea culture festival Shanghai peach blossom festival
Shanghai film festival Ningbo International Festival
Nanning Festival of International Folk Songs Art Dalian International Fashion Festival
Qingdao International Beer Festival Beijing International Music Festival
China Wuqiao International circus Festival Harbin International Snow and Ice Festival
Zhoushan sand-sculpture festival Weifang International Kites Festival
Kunming International Culture and Tourism Festival Tibetan Shoton Festival
Shanghai Tourism Festival Shanghai Longhua Temple Fair
  Information about Chinese Holidays, please go to Chinese Official Holidays  
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