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China Unicom Overview
China United Telecommunications Corporation ("China Unicom") was established on July 19th, 1994 with the approval of the State Council. The birth of China Unicom marked a major step in the reform of China's telecom industry and ever since, the company has played an active role in breaking monopoly, introducing competition, improving customer service and promoting growth.
  China Unicom is also a state-controlled limited liability company, with the legal person status residing in the headquarters. The State government owns 79.72% of the company's equity.
China Unicom is the only telecom operator in China that delivers a full range of telecom services. With subsidiaries in all of the 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across China and Macao SAR, the company's business scope covers GSM and CDMA mobile communications services, mobile value-added services, domestic and international long-distance telephone services via the access number of 193, local telephone services in permitted areas (Tianjin, Sichuan and Chongqing), data communications services, Internet services via the access number of 16500, IP phone services via access numbers of 17910 and 17911, satellite communications services (excluding the space segment), as well as other related services approved by the State government.
In year 2005, based upon market situation and the actual con itions of the enterprise itself, and catering to the needs to abide by the concept of scientific development, China Unicom firmly established its strategies for development on the basis of ration, practicality and activeness, which can be outlined as follows: persisting in market orientation to speed up efficient development; harnessing the scope of investment to raise investment returns; enhancing basic management and improving execution capability with a view to realize the change of development mode from emphasizing on bigger quantity to emphasizing on profits as a result of proper scale. Hence, the company had continued a solid growth trend: both GSM and CDMA networks were developing efficiently, with the GSM business seeing a steady growth and the CDMA business seeing rapid growth. While our gross revenue continued to grow steadily, our cost
  control measures gained substantial effects so that the company's profit level is further improved, taking a new step forward in the company's development history. Today, China Unicom is the third largest mobile operator and the second largest CDMA operator in the world.
In face of new situations and opportunities, the people at China Unicom are making their best efforts with great enthusiasm and high morale to develop itself into a world-class and integrated communication and information services provider as soon as possible.
  Special care
China Unicom is famous for its CDMA network service. But comparing with China mobile, the recharge is worse experience. It is because that the SIM card has different plan, and the each plan requires a different recharge card. Even your SIM card’s coverage is national Shanghai, the recharge card you purchased there may also turn into a problem.
Avoiding the dilemma, it is better to sign up the recharge service with the professional service provider who has branch offices in most countries in China. Therefore, no matter when and where you run out of the minutes, your SIM card can be refilled with one call.
The top three service providers in China are:
www.pandaphone.com --- provides you with PIN code recharge service, personal recharge service and automatically recharge, the top one provider in China.
www.chinamobilecard.com --- provides you with PIN code recharge service. If you purchase the SIM card there and sign up the recharge service, you may get a big discount.
www.refillchinasim.com --- provides you with PIN code recharge service and automatically recharge service. The access code for international calls is available; you can sign up the access code service with $0 at any time.
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