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Translation Service during your trip in China
  Why Translation Service?  
  Language barrier make the communications and business inconvenience or bring some misunderstanding and loss, translation service will not only help to solve this problem, but also the culture exchange.  
  How to Choose Translation Service?  

There are numbers of translation service you can have recourse to, such as Technical translation, publication translation, website translation, software translation, subtitle translation, etc.

Complex technical products prevalent in today's high-tech industry have unique translation requirements for document such as manuals, user guides, reference cards, fact sheets, and specification sheets, patent document. Huge volumes of technical text require advanced terminology management techniques and the latest in computer aided translation (CAT) tools.

Economic globalization promotes worldwide business and travels more and more popular, travel related service is popular in the world and the language translation service is very important to all travelers. Then how many kinds of translation can you gain? Below catalog for your reference:

Business translation
Telecom translation
Chemistry translation
Engineering translation
Medicine translation
IT Translation
Games Translation
  Translation Tips:  
  Translations are not as simple as they seem; they require a profound cultural and linguistic background in the target language. If a client goes to a translation agency for business translation services, the translator must be aware of the business culture of the target language. Any kind of text can be filled with idioms, allusions, puns, metaphors or phrases that don't translate directly into the target language. For this reason the translators are required to be native speakers with degrees in linguistics.  
  Translation Quotation:  
  Translation quotation shall be defined according to the type of language, difficulty in specialty, time of delivery, information offering, etc. The final price of each document shall be identified according to actual documents on the basis of basic quotation. More information for the price click here>>>  
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