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China Tour Package
  Are you going to discover China?
Are you going to enjoy 2008 Beijing Olympics tour?
Are you going to explore the ancient and mysterious Chinese hot spots?
We are ready to help you in planning your China Tours by recommending you the professional travel service providers. You are welcome to book the other travel tools on own homepage after choosing the place you would like to go. The Travel package can be designed here by you! No matter you would like to get your cell phone rental, China SIM card rental or mobile recharge SIM card service, or you would like to have the translation, car rental, please go for the homepage or contact our event managers (Grace or Sophie, grace@pandaphone.com, sophie@pandaphone.com ).

Now, China travel guide will show you the way to China tour!!!
We are ready to help you in planning your China Tours by providing you unparalleled and specially tailored services as well as value-priced, meaningful and affordable tour packages. We allow customers to dynamically build complete trips that combine flights, special rate hotels, and other loading, ground transportation and destination activities. AND we are offering 2008 Beijing Olympic tours now, guaranteeing Olympic Games tickets. Early birds get the worm first!!

What's Hot!
Discover China With Discoverchinatours.com. Know detail China tour List!

  China tour and travel agents  
  The following are the hottest china tours and recommended travel agents covering many different scopes of travel.  
  The Great Wall
The Great Wall is the world's longest human-made structure, stretching over approximately 6,400 km (4,000 miles) from Shanhaiguan in the east to Lop Nur in the west, along an arc that roughly delineates the southern edge of Inner Mongolia,……
Travel Agents: Tour Beijing Travel Service
  Yangtze River Cruise
The Yangtze River, the longest river in China and the third longest in the world, goes forward with great strength and vigor for 6,300 km. And also the river is the second birthplace of Chinese civilization…
Travel Agents: China Highlights
  Silk Road Tour
Silk Road played an important role to link ancient china and western countries two thousand years ago. Silk Road is the collective name given to a number of trade routes linking the Chinese and Roman Empire…
Travel Agents: China International travel service
  Tibet Tour
This land of Tibet, often referred to as the roof of the world, is the largest and highest plateau on earth. Its unique Buddhist culture, magnificent wildlife, and grand peaks have been sealed from outsiders for years.…
Travel Agents: Tibet Holyland Tour
  Yunnan Tour
Yunnan is a place of never-ending fascination. The Stone Forest in kunming, the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Dai Ancient Town, Xishuang Banna, Shangri-la, Lijiang Old Town, the worship not of gods but of the sky, the earth, and the mountains; languages whose origins are lost in the mists of antiquity; and the Burma Road which once…
Travel Agents: Travelchinaguide
  Lijiang River Cruise
Li River is well-known for its clean and elegant water. The crystal clear Li River is sandwiched between precipitous peaks decorated with waterfalls. A trip along the river is one of the high spots of Guilin tour, and also china tours.
Travel Agents: Trip to Guilin
  Shanghai Tour
Shanghai is a vibrant, ever-changing city with a legendary history in the first half of the 20th Century. Shanghai is an old city full of Chinese traditional culture and also one of the largest centers of economy in China has witnessed the development of the modern history of China. It is now on its way to become an international metropolis…
Travel Agents: Chinatour
  Sichuan Panda Tour
The Panda is the most recognizable symbol in China. This area is the natural home of the Panda and features the world famous Panda research center. The Giant Panda is one of the most famous animals in the world and indigenous only to China…
Travel Agents: Oriental Travel
  Xian Tour
Xi'an was called Chang'an in Han Dynasty, which means "a place of permanent peace". It was not until the prosperous Tang Dynasty that Chang'an became famous both at home and abroad as the largest and busiest international metropolis of that age in the world. Xi'an obtained its present name in 1369…
Travel Agents: China Odyssey Tours
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