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Rental Rates
Dialing Instruction
Additional Charges
Rental Fee: FREE 14 days usage, $1 for additional day.
Shipping and Handling: $10 (The SIM Card can be delivered to a U.S. address by USPS, or to a hotel anywhere in mainland China.)
Airtime Rates:
In China
Domestic calls (incoming & outgoing) $0.29/min
International calls to U.S. or Canada $0.59/min
International calls to other countries $0.89/min
The international calling rates are for calling with PandaPhone's access code, without the access code will cost $1.40/min.
In Hong Kong
Domestic calls(incoming & outgoing) $0.10/min
Outgoing international calls $1.40/min
Hong Kong to China $0.29/min
In China

From China to the U.S.: Access code-001-area code-phone No.
From overseas to PandaPhone: 011-86-PandaPhone No.
From China to countries.: Access code-00-country code-area code-phone No.
Domestic calls to land phone in China: 0-area code- phone No.
Outgoing calls to cell phone in China: Directly dial
Local calls: Directly dial

In Hong Kong

From Hong Kong to the U.S.: 001-1- area code-Phone No.
From overseas to PandaPhone: 011-852-PandaPhone No.
From Hong Kong to countries other than the U.S.: 001-country code-area code- phone No.
Local calls: Directly dial
From Hong Kong to China: 0011-86-phone No.
1 Hong Kong Usage Fee
To use the cell phone in Hong Kong, there is an additional usage fee of $20

2  Delivery to the U.S. and Hong Kong
Delivery to the U.S. takes at least 3 business days. Express delivery in the U.S. requires an additional surcharge of $10. There is a charge of $30 for delivery to Hong Kong and pickup by PandaPhone in Hong Kong.

3  Express Order
An additional charge of $10 will be applied to your final bill if your order is submitted 2 days before rental begins.

4  Cancellation Policy
A $10 processing fee will be applied for cancellation of confirmed order.

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