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China Business Hotels
Key Features of the Best Business Hotels
  Some important features of a great business hotel as follows:
1.Location: Hotels that are situated near an airport or located in a city's business district usually cater to business travelers.
2.Internet Access: most hotels offer some form of internet access whether it's use of the business center's computer, high-speed access in the room, or wireless hotspots.
3.Quick, Customer Service: Business hotels make the important distinction of offering good customer service quickly and efficiently.
4.Easy Transportation: Business travelers need to be places on time and with minimal hassle.
5.110% Effort: The extra level of service can make an excellent business hotel.
The best business hotels in the major cities of China
Beijing Business Hotels
Beijing Grand Hyatt Hotel
Beijing Huawei Business Hotel
Shanghai Business Hotels
The Eton Hotel
Regal Shanghai East Asia Hotel
Guangzhou Business Hotels
Guangzhou University Business Hotel
Guangzhou Shangri-La Hotel
Qingdao Business Hotel
Qingdao Seaview Garden Hotel
Sophia (Qingdao) International Hotel
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