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China Business Forum
  Attend the inaugural China Business Forum to grow your business with a potential 1.3 billion buyers and suppliers. This forum goes beyond the hype to focus on the realities of making a profit when doing business with China. The forum programme will increase your knowledge, skills and confidence through valuable insights into the Chinese market and its many opportunities, challenges and complexities.  
  With a Free Trade Agreement between One foreign country and China under negotiation, the China Business Forum is essential for exporters, importers and manufacturers, large and small.

You'll receive critical updates from global authorities such as the Economist Intelligence Unit, Mega Trends Asia and ANZ China. You'll also stock up on sound advice from experienced China traders such as IBM Asia Pacific, Villa Maria Estate, The Warehouse and Glidepath Group.
Key learning outcomes include
How to open and close deals with Chinese business partners and suppliers
Analysis of China's future and the implications for your business
Up to the minute economic, political and demographic developments
Where to source the best products
Chinese culture and the business of relationships
Negotiating with business partners and suppliers
Understanding what Chinese consumers think about, need and want
How to deal with Chinese/China's Government officials
What distinguishes highly successful companies in China
How to develop new business in China
How to brand, differentiate and compete

Attend the inaugural China Business Forum and find out the right way to do business with this booming economy.

Latest Forum Activity

Why China

In recent years China has undergone dramatic political and economic changes both politically and economically. The Chinese economy has undergone tremendous growth with its economy now ranking 3rd, surpassed only be the US and Germany - by 2008 China is projected to be the 2nd largest economy.

Over the past 26 years, the GDP has grown annually by approx. 9.4 per cent and the goal is to quadruple the GDP per capita to 3000 USD within 20 years.

The foreign trade today represents more than 1.1 trillion USD and the goal by 2008 is to reach 1.7 to 1.8 trillion USD.

With a population of more than 1.3 billion people, the Chinese market holds great potential for Danish companies - not only in terms of outsourcing and reducing production costs, but also as a consumer market.

Political initiatives in China aiming to speed up industrialization and embrace globalization enhance and further emphasize the great opportunities that exist for Danish companies.

Today more than 300 Danish companies are active in China and many more will follow in the future. Danish-Chinese Business Forum has been established to provide guidance for companies that wish to establish or expand on the Chinese market and to help ensure that the great potential is realized.

  Key figures  
Capital: Beijing (14 mio. inhabitants)
Size: 9,561,100 km2
Population: 1.31 billion
Currency: RMB
GDP: 1,655 billion USD
GDP per capita: 1250 USD
Annual growth of GDP: 9.5 % (2004)
Inflation: 3.9 % annual
FDI: 60.6 billion USD
Trade balance: 59 billion USD
Exchange rate: 100 USD - 809.35 RMB100 EUR - 1012.04 RM
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