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Dialing Instruction
Recharge Service
In China

From China to the U.S.: Access code-001-area code-phone Number.
From overseas to PandaPhone: 011-86-PandaPhone Number.
From China to countries.: Access code-00-country code-area code-phone Number.
Domestic calls to land phone in China: 0-area code- phone No.
Outgoing calls to cell phone in China: Directly dial.
Local calls: Directly dial.

In Hong Kong

From Hong Kong to the U.S.: 001-1- area code-Phone No.
From overseas to PandaPhone: 011-852-PandaPhone No.
From Hong Kong to countries other than the U.S.: 001-country code-area code- phone No.
Local calls: Directly dial.
From Hong Kong to China: 0011-86-phone No.
Recharge Service
The easiest way to add credit to your SIM card is by setting up automatic billing, and this is done from the U.S. before you leave for China. Upon request, your China Mobile prepaid account will be topped-up whenever the call credit drops down to $3. (Detailed instructions come with your China SIM card.) Choosing this method for adding credit to your pre-paid is highly recommended. Go to Airtime Recharge Service

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