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PandaPhone Clients List
  • Australian Sports Commission
  • Greece Special Olympic Supporting Team
  • specialolymplics.org
  • ussoccer.com
  • Arizona State University
  • Baylor University
  • Cal State San Marcos
  • College of Medicine USF
  • Drexel University
  • Hope College
Welcome to the 104th China Import and Export Fair in Guangzhou. PandaPhone is a professional China Mobile service provider, it offers all kinds of China Mobile, China Unicom wireless service products includes China SIM Card, China Cell Phone Rental, China Mobile Airtime Recharge, China Blackberry Rental, Cell Phone Sales and many others
More reasons to trust in PandaPhone
Cell Phone Rental Package
  • 7 days A tri-band cell phone and SIM card rental fee, $2 for additional day
  • 30 minutes international calls to your country
  • Voicemail Service
  • Shipping handling in China
Cell Phone Airtime Rates
Dailing Instruction
In China
Domestic calls (incoming & outgoing) $0.29/min
International calls to US & Canada $0.59/min
International calls to other countries $0.89/min
In HongKong
Domestic calls(incoming & outgoing) $0.10/min
Outgoing international calls $1.40/min
Hong Kong to China $0.29/min
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at service@pandaphone.com or 1-866-574-2050
In China

From China to the U.S.: Access code-001-area code-phone Number.
From overseas to PandaPhone: 011-86-PandaPhone Number.
From China to countries.: Access code-00-country code-area code-phone Number.
Domestic calls to land phone in China: 0-area code- phone No.
Outgoing calls to cell phone in China: Directly dial.
Local calls: Directly dial.

In Hong Kong

From Hong Kong to the U.S.: 001-1- area code-Phone No.
From overseas to PandaPhone: 011-852-PandaPhone No.
From Hong Kong to countries other than the U.S.: 001-country code-area code- phone No.
Local calls: Directly dial.
From Hong Kong to China: 0011-86-phone No.
1  Hong Kong Usage Fee
To use the cell phone in Hong Kong, there is an additional usage fee of $20
2  Delivery to the U.S. and Hong Kong
Delivery to the U.S. takes at least 3 business days. Express delivery in the U.S.requires an additional surcharge of $10. There is a charge of $30 for delivery to Hong Kong and pickup by PandaPhone in Hong Kong.
3  Express Order
An additional charge of $10 will be applied to your final bill if your order is submitted 2 days before rental begins.
4  Cancellation Policy
A $10 processing fee will be applied for cancellation of confirmed order.
5  Return Policy
Any equipment not returned within five days of due date without prior notice by renter, may be considered lost, stolen or missing unless arrangements have been made to extend the rental term. At such time of loss, renters' credit card will be charged for 100% of the equipment replacement value.
6  Damaged and Lost Equipment
PandaPhone only rents equipment in working condition. All equipment is tested and examined prior to each rental and upon return of equipment. Any problems with equipment must be reported immediately to PandaPhone. Problems reported after return of equipment may be considered damage caused by renter during rental period. The renter is solely responsible for loss or damage of rental equipment while in renter's possession. Renter accepts full liability for any loss or repair costs of rental equipment while in renter's possession. In cases of repair or loss, renter pays full day rate until equipment is fully repaired or replaced. Replacement charges applied for missing or broken parts.
7  Replacement Value for Cell Phone and Accessories
$159 for Nokia
$209 for Motorola
$269 for Motorola Razr V3
$10 for SIM card
$10 for charger
$5 for Instruction book
$10 for red pack

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