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China Business Travel Agency

According to the American Express Business Travel's second survey of corporate travel management service in China, the country will become the world's third-largest market for corporate travel within five years. The survey shows that the spending on international business travel by China approximates US$4.2 billion a year, which is 17 percent of the Asian market for business travel. This figure, in addition to the spending on the domestic business travel in China, adds up to almost US$20 billion.

The healthy growth of China's GDP is likely to secure a two-digit rise in China's business travel market in a few years. It is estimated that by the year 2020, the number of Chinese business travelers will be five times as many as that at present. International travel service providers and global giants such as American Express, Kar Shun Travel, and Rosenbluth have noticed the potential of China market for business travel and have made inroads into China.

The Barometer was conducted by Research International from May to August 2007, interviewing 230 Chinese and foreign companies with 100 and more employees in six key industries in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. Findings of The Barometer provided organizations, vendors and suppliers with the latest information of the T&E management practices and outlook of the market for 2008 in China.

The Barometer shows continued growth in Travel and Entertainment expenses in China
46% of companies experienced increases in their T&E budgets, compared with last year at this time when only 28% of companies had experienced growth in their T&E budgets.
The Chinese business travel market is very similar to the US market in that it is self sufficient and the majority of expenditure takes place domestically - 69% of expenditure takes place in Mainland China.
T&E expenditure remains the second largest controllable cost for companies within China. The percentage of employees going on business trips is up from 28% in 2006 to 33% in 2007, and 60% of employees are generating T&E expenditure compared to 56% in 2006. Meals & entertainment continued to be the largest portion of business travel expenses, followed by air travel and hotel/ accommodation.
  We can know that the Chinese business travel market is huge. So many china travel agents introduce the business travel to their own services. Now there are several travel agents we recommend for your business travel as China International Travel Service (CITS), China Travel Service (CTS), China Youth Travel Service (CYTS), and China Post & Telecommunication Travel (Yamei Travel CPTT) all operate under direct National Tourism Administration, the counterpart of a ministry of tourism. Itouschina.com is also the reliable company who runs the businesses travel services.  
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