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China Blackberry Rental

Never missing important emails with UNLIMITD Blackberry data tranfer wherever you are.
  • "Push" emails to your Blackberry handheld instantly
  • Sync to both your cooperation and personal email accounts
  • "Always-on" unlimited GPRS connection
  • Order a cellphone additionally for voice calls
Rental Rates
Dialing Instruction
Additional Charges
Rental Fee
First Week Additional Day
$69 $8
Shipping and Handling
  China USA
Delivery $10 $20
Return $10 By renter at own expense
Equipment can be delivered to a U.S. address by USPS, or to a hotel anywhere in mainland China.
Data & SMS Rates
Items Rates
Data Unlimited Usage
SMS $1.50/piece
Insurance (Optional)
$2/day, with $300 deductible
Important Note:
If you are using the blackberry device as a modem with a laptop for internet access, this is not included in unlimited data usage bundle; the data charge would be $0.2/kb. The phone function is not included in the blackberry, please order a cellphone if you need voice service additionally.
Cell Phone Airtime Rates
In China
Domestic calls (incoming & outgoing) $0.29/min
International calls to U.S. or Canada $0.59/min
International calls to other countries $0.89/min
The international calling rates are for calling with PandaPhone's access code, without the access code will cost $1.40/min.
In Hong Kong
Local calls $0.24/min
Incoming calls $0.42/min
Outgoing international calls $1.50/min
Hong Kong to China $0.76/min
In China

From China to the U.S.: Access code-001-area code-phone Number.
From overseas to PandaPhone: 011-86-PandaPhone Number.
From China to countries.: Access code-00-country code-area code-phone Number.
Domestic calls to land phone in China: 0-area code- phone No.
Outgoing calls to cell phone in China: Directly dial.
Local calls: Directly dial.

In Hong Kong

Local calls: 00852-Phone No.
From Hong Kong to the U.S.: 00-1-area code-Phone No.
From overseas to PandaPhone : 011-PandaPhone No.
From Hong Kong to countries other than the U.S. : 00-country code-area code- phone No.
From Hong Kong to China: 00-86-phone No.
1  Deposit
$300 deposit is a must for each Blackberry handheld, which will be duly refunded by deducting your total usage.
2  Express Order
Extra $10 will be applied to your final bill if your order is taken within 3 days prior to your rental.
3  Cancellation Policy
$20 processing fee will be applied to your final bill if we have sent out the phone.
4  Returning Issues
The BlackBerry required to be returned as soon as you finish rental. More than 7 days late-return is NOT acceptable (depend on the date on postmark). $10/day will apply to your final bill.
5  Lose and Damage attention
Please note that if you lose, break, or seriously damage the BlackBerry (including dropping it in water), you will be liable to a charge of $750 without join the insurance program.
How can I set up my working or personal email accounts on PandaPhone Blackberry?
To set up your email account, please refer to the User Guide (You can download the simple instruction at (http://www.pandaphone.com/blackberry-user-guide.htm). If you have problem to configure by yourself, please contact us at service@pandaphone.com or 1-866-574-2050 in time.

My Company has a BES server; does PandaPhone Blackberry able to connect to my BES server? How to configure it?
Yes. Our Blackberry has ability to access both BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server) and BIS (Blackberry Internet Server) Server.
To configure the device, your IT administrator ought to assign an email account and password, by using that information for enterprise activation, the BlackBerry will sync to your working account shortly.

What does unlimited data usage include?
Blackberry unlimited bundle include email and internet browsing, but if you are using the Blackberry device as a modem with a laptop for internet access, this is not included.

What if the device is not working?
Please contact us at service@pandaphone.com or 1-866-574-2050 in time. we can solve the problem for you in very short time.

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