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Beijing Restaurants
Beijing cuisine (Chinese: 京菜 or 北京菜; literally "capital cuisine") is a cooking style in Beijing, China. It is also formally known as Mandarin cuisine. Well known Mandarin Cuisine such as Pecking Duck(北京烤鸭),Hot and Sour Soup(酸辣汤),Pecking Barbecue(北京烤肉),Mutton Hot Pot(涮羊肉),Beggar Chicken(叫花子鸡) etc. The following list is stylish Beijing cuisine Restaurants.

Peking Duck

If you want to eat Peking Duck, here are some good places for you:
Peking Duck at Fragrance Restaurant
Beijing Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant
Beijing Qianmen Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant
Jing Hua Lou Beijing Roasted Duck Restaurant
Beijing Wangfujing Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant
Ping's Beijing Duck Restaurant

Restaurant for Cantonese food in Beijing

Beijing Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant
Chao Fu Restaurant
Beijing Hong Kong Food Restaurant
Beijing Ming Dynasty Restaurant
Beijing Orient Restaurant
Dynasty Restaurant
Guan Yuan Cantonese Restaurant
Ming Yuan Restaurant
Shizipo Restaurant
Zuiyuelou Restaurant
Yue Xiu Restaurant
Lichang Seafood Restaurant
Yur Lai Yue Hao Restaurant

Sichuan and Shandong style Cuisine restaurant

Shuzhongxiu Restaurant
Chongqinglou Restaurant
Ermei Restaurant
Sichuan Restaurant
Long March Restaurant
Yiyuan Garden Restaurant

Famous Western Cuisine restaurant in Beijing

Café de la Poste
Caribou Café
Flo Justine's
One East on Third
Danieli's Restaurant
Makye Ame
Garden of Delight Restaurant

Famous Western Cuisine restaurant in Beijing

Capital Garden Restaurant & Cafe
Bai Family Restaurant
Xi He Ya Ju Restaurant
Beijing Hua Ting Restaurant
The Courtyard Restaurant
Red Capital Club
Beijing Mei Fu
Da Chuan Men Restaurant
Din Tai Fung
Made in China Restaurant

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