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Beijing Living Tips
Beijing living tips dedicated to providing experts with the most useful, up to date and
interesting tips and tricks for Beijing residents.
Everything you will need to facilitate your life in Beijing. We provide you with all kinds of information and services that are useful and will enhance your life in Beijing.

Weather Information

The daily temperature in Beijing averages around 25 degree Celsius during August and September. The mornings and evenings are cool, but the daytimes are dry and hot. If you’ve decided on your Olympic trip, don’t forget to bring the proper clothes along so that you can wear more at the cool moments and take them off at the hot moments. The
sun-protection articles and sunglasses are integral as well.

China Currency

The currency in common use in Beijing is RMB. Prior to your visit, don’t forget to have a basic knowledge of RMB. RMB has 13 surface values altogether, including 100 Yuan, 50 Yuan, 20 Yuan, 10 Yuan, 5 Yuan, 2 Yuan, 1 Yuan, 5 Jiao, 2 Jiao, 1 Jiao, 5 fen, 2 fen and 1 fen.

Power System

The power available in China including Beijing is 220v and the sockets in common use are the two-phase circular holes, two-phase flat holes and three-phase flat holes. Don’t forget to prepare the convertible plugs according to your actual needs.

Power System

TV system available in Beijing is PAL system. If your video cassette recorder adopts NTSC or SECAM system, you needn’t worry about the failed pictures on the TV equipment of Beijing, which may be attributable to the mismatched systems between your video cassette recorder and the TV in Beijing.

Hotel Service

The hotels in Beijing usually provide the disposable
toiletries, slippers, bath towels and sanitary articles.

Internet Service

If you want to get access to the internet, there’re many internet bars in Beijing and the internet fee is often three Yuan per hour. You only need to show your ID card or passport. Following the required registration, you can surf online as much as you like. Some cafes or bars also provide the wireless networks so that you may take your laptop computer, drinking coffee and surfing online at the same time. Moreover, you access to the internet is also enabled in the hotels. In most cases, the internet-accessing sockets are also available in the rooms of three-star hotels or above. You’re advised to ask the hotel personnel about the internet fees and formalities before your formal use of the internet.

Emergency Calls in China

Police 110
Fire 119
Ambulance 120
Local telephone number inquiry 114
Weather Information 121

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