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Beijing Capital International Airport Transport

Beijing Taxi Fee: First 3 KM is 10RMB, additional kilometer is 2RMB.
Airport Bus:
If the above routes, stations and schedule change, the messages will be issued by the Dispatch Centre of Capital Airport. The two-way shuttle interval of Route 2 and 4 is 10 minutes. The two-way shuttle interval of Route 3 is 15 minutes. That won't exceed 30 minutes for other routes. The shuttle bus will start when it is fully occupied anytime and the tickets are available at all the stops.
Ticket price: RMB 16 yuan
24-Hour Hotline:(86)10 - 6459 4375 (86)10 - 6459 4376

No. Direction Stops Operation hours
1 Capital Airport - Fangzhuang 1. Liangmaqiao; 2. Hujialou; 3. Dabeiyao (World Trade Centre);
4. Panjiayuan; 5. Shilihe (KingWing Hot Spring International Hotel); 6. Fangzhuang (Guiyou Shopping Mall)
First bus:6:00
Final bus:19:30
Fangzhuang - Capital Airport 1. Fangzhuang (Guiyou Shopping Mall);
2. Dabeiyao (South China Aviation Hotel); 3. CapitalAirport
First bus:7:30
Final bus:22:30
2 Capital Airport - Xidan 1. Sanyuanqiao; 2. Dongzhimen; 3. DongsishitiaoBridge;
4. Xidan (Civil AviationBuilding)
First bus:7:00
Final bus:
Till the last flight
Xidan-Capital Airport 1. Xidan (Civil AviationBuilding); 2. Dongzhimen (50m from the east of the bridge); 3. JingxinBuilding (West Entry) 4.CapitalAirport Building First bus:5:30
Final bus:21:00
3 Capital Airport - Beijing Railway Station 1. Yuyang Hotel; 2. Dongdaqiao (bypassed after 22:30); 3. Chaoyangmen; 4. Yabaolu; 5. Beijing Railway Station First bus:7:30
Final bus:
Till the last flight
Beijing Railway Station-Capital Airport 1.Beijing Railway Station; 2. International Hotel (West Entry); 3.Dongzhimen (50m from the east of the bridge); 4.JingxinBuilding (West Entry); 5.CapitalAirport First bus:5:30
Final bus:21:00
4 Capital Airport - Gongzhufen 1. China International Exhibition Centre; 2. Xibahe; 3. AnzhenBridge; 4. MadianBridge; 5. Beitaipingzhuang; 6. JimenBridge; 7. Friendship Hotel; 8. Beijing TV Station; 9. ZizhuBridge; 10. HangtianBridge; 11. Gongzhufen (Xinxing Hotel) First bus:7:00
Final bus:23:00
Gongzhufen-Capital Airport 1.Gongzhufen (Xinxing Hotel); 2.Friendship Hotel (North Entry Air Ticket Office) 3.Beitaipingzhuang (50m from the east of the crossroad); 4. AnzhenBuilding; 5. CapitalAirport First bus:5:30
Final bus:21:00
5 Capital Airport - Zhongguancun 1. Wangjing (Huajiadi); 2. Xiaoying; 3. AisanGamesVillage (AnhuiBridge); 4.XueyuanBridge; 5. ZhongguancunBridge (No. 4) First bus:8:30
Final bus:21:30
Zhongguancun-Capital Airport 1.ZhongguancunBridge (No. 4); 2. BeihangUniversity (North Entry); 3. Huixinxijie (AnhuiBuilding); 4. Huixindongjie (SINOPEC); 5.CapitalAirport First bus:6:00
Final bus:19:30
6 NanyuanAirport-Xidan 1. NanyuanAirport 2. Xidan Operation hours:
12:40 / 17:10 / 20:50
Shuttle departure time and interval depend on the flights status.
Xidan-NanyuanAirport 1. Xidan 2. NanyuanAirport Operation hours:
6:00 / 10:40 / 15:10
Shuttle departure time and interval depend on the flights status.

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