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Beijing Capital International Airport Passengers Guides

Passengers Guides

1. Luggage Check-in and Issue Boarding Pass
Baggage Checked-in: Please approach check-in counter with ticket and valid ID. Check-in luggage and obtain boarding pass.
Checked-in Without Baggage: For passengers without check-in luggage, please proceed to counter marked “check-in without baggage”.
2. Security Check
Please prepare your boarding pass, airline ticket and valid ID card in advance, so as to present them to security personnel. In order to ensure the safety of the flight, passengers should get through the detection passage, and hand carry articles shall be examined by X-ray. Thank you for your cooperation.
3. Waiting and Boarding
After Security Check, you can wait for your flight at the boarding gate indicated on your boarding pass. The boarding procedure will begin 30 minutes before departure. Please pay close attention to the broadcasting. The boarding pass needs to be presented while boarding, please prepare it in advance.


1.Electronic flight tickets and no-luggage check-in services available.

An electronic flight ticket counter is available for Air China in the east of Zone F at the Domestic Departure Hall. Payment or booking can be processed for the passengers with electronic flight tickets only.
A no-luggage check-in counter is available in the north of the 2nd floor at Terminal 2 for the passengers without luggage.
For any electronic flight ticket services of other Airlines, please consult the corresponding on-duty managers at the Departure Hall.

To departure passengers:

1.Which outgoing passengers need to fill in the Customs Declaration?

Passengers who carry personnel objects necessary for journey that shall be re-immigrated, including camera, portable radio / recorder, miniature camera, portable video camera and portable word processor, etc.;
Passengers who do not carry the original articles required for re-emigration, or passengers whose immigrated objects, which are temporarily duty free, are not Customs cleared;
Passengers who do not have necessary Exit Permit for carried foreign currency, as well as gold, silver and its products, or passengers who carry these items that exceed the amount limit for this entry declaration;
Passengers who carry RMB cash over 6,000 Yuan;
Passengers who carry cultural relics;
Passengers who carry cargo or samples of goods;
Passengers whose carried articles exceed the value limit, quantity limit or other limits stipulated by China Customs;
Passengers who carry animals, plants and their products, which are controlled under China Quarantine Code, or other objects that must be inspected and Customs cleared.

2.Which items are prohibited for immigration and emigration?
 Items forbidden for entry:

All kinds of weapons, imitative weapons, ammunition and explosive objects;
Spurious currency and feigned marketable securities;
Print, film, photo, disk, movie, tape, videotape, videodisc, laser disk, computer storage medium and other objects, which are harmful to Chinese politics, economy, culture and morality;
Various acrid poison;
Opium, morphine, diamorphine, bhang, as well as other dope and psychoactive drug that may cause addiction;
Foodstuff, medicine or other objects, which are from epidemic areas and harmful to human and animal's health, or other pestiferous ones.
Foodstuff, medicine or other objects, which are from epidemic areas and harmful to human and animal's health, or other pestiferous ones.

Items forbidden for exit:

All the objects included in the range of forbidden items for entry;
Manuscript, print, film, photo, disk, movie, tape, videotape, videodisc, laser disk, computer storage medium and other objects, which are related to state secrets;
Valuable cultural relics, and other cultural relics forbidden for exit;
Endangered and precious animals and plants (their specimen included), as well as their seeds and progenitive materials.

3. How to process temporary Identity Card for boarding?
If your valid Identity Card was lost, damaged or outdated, please process relevant procedures, by submitting the original or fax copy of your Domicile Certificate, issued by local Police Station at your place of domicile, and two recent 1' photos, without any headwear, of the applicant. (Please note: The PLA man and armed police need to submit the original or fax copy of Letter of Introduction, issued by the Political Dept. of his organization; The student need to submit the Student's Identity Card.)
Service place: Police Service Station for Security Check (Room No.22008).
Contacts: 010-64597459

4. Do you know the following restrictive provisions for check-in baggage?
Limitation for hand luggage:

Domestic flight: Total weight should be no more than 5kg. The size of each luggage should be no more than 20 x 40 x 55cm.
International flight: Total weight should be no more than 7kg (Some Airlines have their own special limits). The size of each luggage should be no more than 20 x 40 x 55cm (The sum of length, width and height should be no more than 115cm).
Please note: The above are general provisions and different Airlines may have their own standards. Please check your flight tickets for specific information.

5.Which items are permitted in check-in baggage, but forbidden in carry-on luggage?
Besides any items prohibited in hand luggage or check-in bags, any of the other sharp objects that are harmful to aviation safety, such as: Household knives, including kitchen knives, clippers, big fruit knives and razors, etc.; Professional knives, including surgical knives, sticking knives and gravers, etc.; Knives, spears and swords, etc., which are used for literary performance; Axes, chisels, hammers, awls, sharpened sticks, sticks with sharp nails and alpenstocks; Other sharp objects and blunt items harmful to aviation safety.

6. Which items are prohibited in carry-on luggage or check-in baggage?

Firearms, and mechanical appliances used for army or police;
Explosive objects;
Controlled cutters;
Combustible or detonable objects;
Toxic or harmful objects;
Corrosive objects;
Radioactive objects;
Other objects harmful to aviation safety, such as ferromagnetic objects and objects with strong pungent odour;
Other items forbidden for carry-on / transportation as per National Laws and Codes.

7. Do you know the following provisions for liquid items in carry-on luggage?

Each passenger is allowed to carry 2 (two) bottles (no more than 500ml each) of liquid items maximum for each flight, including carbonate drink, mineral water, tea, milk, yoghourt and fruit juice, etc., and these liquid items can not be carried in hand baggage until they are verified. In addition, those left items must be carried as check-in luggage.
Liquor (in bottle or tin) is prohibited in passenger's carry-on luggage, but maximum 2 (two) bottles (1kg) can be carried in each passenger's check-in baggage for each flight, and the packaging of the liquor must meet the provisions of CAAC for transportation.
Any liquid items in carry-on luggage for special purposes, such as liquid medicine for patient and drink for infant, are not allowed for carry-on until they are verified.

8. Do you know which carry-on household goods are limited and the quantity limitation?

  Items Limit
Spirit Spirit 2 kilo(well - packed)
  Hair jelly, Collar cleaner One bottle(350ml) The accumulative amount should be under 1000ml or one kilo
Mousse, Polisher One bottle (350ml)
Perfume 500ml
Pesticide One bottle (350ml)
Air refresher One bottle (350ml)
Other daily necessities with explosive substance    
( filled with combustible air and fuel oil)
Safe match sticks Five boxes

Notice:Limit means the maximum amount that each passenger can bring into the flight.
9.Do you know the telephone numbers for enquiry or claim?
For any claim on the quality of services at Passenger Terminal of Beijing Capital International Airport, please call: Beijing Capital International Airport Company Limited, for service quality supervision:010-64571666;China International Airline, for claim: 010-64595912;

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